Release the Artist Within:

Words of Wisdom for your Creative Journey

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” Henry David Thoreau

Dear Colleagues,

As university professionals, we seek to bring out the creativity in ourselves and others.  Often people will recognize creativity in the highly talented artist or the inventor but miss the richness of each person’s everyday creativity. Creativity can be developed in any discipline.

As each of us engage in creative learning, we too can engage in creative play like an artist or an inventor and gain insight through those activities.  It is for that reason that I share with you the results of an international event in which my colleagues and I worked with parents, teachers and child artists from all over the world. As part of this world peace conference, we engaged 105 participants from all over the world in a qualitative research study resulting in three manifestos (parent, teacher, child). These participants described what assisted with the development of their creativity. Although it was focused on child artists, I think that you’ll see if we all free ourselves to permit the “child within,” to flourish, these artists’ words of wisdom have relevance to our creative journey.

Enjoy the Manifestos!

Sue Keller-Mathers

International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State

Murdock, M., Keller-Mathers, S., Argona, C. & Steele, D. (2003, August). International child art foundation creativity symposium. International Child Art Foundation. Washington, DC.
Murdock, M., Argona, C., Steele, D. & Keller-Mathers, S. (2005, August). Manifesto for Child Artist. The World Council of Gifted and Talented Children’s 16th Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.
Note: The International Child Art Foundation will host the 4th World Children’s Festival on the Mall in Washington DC June 17-19th, 2011.  For more information:

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